Only 5 a day, huh?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Five a Day.”

Without the company of others… I must enjoy the food.

1. Pizza- a meat-a-licious one at that…hold ALL veggies!

2. Milk chocolate…with almonds..tell me who can survive without chocolate!!

3. Okay, so i know I’ll need some veggies…I’ll take perfectly steamed broccoli!

the only time the colour green looks beautiful…lol

4. Meat lasagna…YUM!

Image result for pic of meat lasagna

Lookin’ soo yummy all stuff with meat and no veggies!

5. More carbs and more meat…I’ll end it off with some chicken roti on paratha! lol

Image result for pic of chicken roti

6. I need something to wash it all down…ummm…but it’s only 5 a day…something has to go…ummm…

I love you lasagna, but pizza has been there for me during some of my most trying times recently ;). You’ve now been replaced by a 1L of water 😦


Mumbai madness!!

I could write a laundry list of things that would tell you how “I’ve seen it all” in Mumbai over the last few months…well kinda “seen it all”…”seen a lot” is more accurate 😉

Here’s a couple of things I’ve seen…and experienced in the last few weeks.

A wha’ di!

If you read my blog you’ll remember my fascination with transportation and how motorcycles carry A LOT of people at times…well, I’ve definitely seen it all…

the highest number yet….

Image result for pic of mumbai family motorcycle

6 people (2 preschoolers, two youths and two adults). Minus the dog and baggage this is EXACTLY what it looked like!

A wah di….. (clean version)

Image result for a pic of a wah di

I could’a keel ov’a inna shock!! Dem foolishness is madness!!

A wha’ di…part 2

I work at a school that is gated… pretty much all schools are gated I think. So I call down to the watchman (security guard) at the front gate when it’s time to go home and I need to catch a taxi. They hail a taxi and then call me when it arrives. They usually let the taxi into the compound and I come down and it’s waiting right at the entrance. But on one fine day, I walked out to the gates and as I was approaching the taxi we locked eyes. He saw me, I saw him. As I was walking towards him…still about 20 feet away the watchman gestures towards the taxi and says to me “taxi”. I keep walking and sure enough…a few steps later as the taxi driver watches me walk to the car…

…he slowly drives off.

Now the most interesting thing about this whole occurrence, is that he “slowly” drove off.

A wha' di!
A wha’ di!

A dat mi a seh too!

All dogs live in Mumbai 😉

There are TONS of stray dogs in Mumbai and for every 10 dogs that I see out for a stroll with their owners at least 5 of them are overweight! lol

I’ve even seen- what appeared to be, an overweight dalmatian! She was lookin’ a little too round in too many places to be pregnant! lol

So on my way home I routinely pass this shop where this dog pretty much lives. One my way home yesterday to my shock I pass the little bugger and…

picture this…

he’s lying on his right side, eyes closed and his rear left leg is stuck up in the air…left front leg cocked up a bit too…looking like he’s stiff dead that way. I had to pause…

but today I saw him, and he’s curled up in front of shop… sleeping as usual 😉

All is well in doggy land 😉

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”

My clone would be relegated to the kitchen. Period! Passing on the job of having anything to do with prepping food, seasoning food, slaving behind a stove cooking and cleaning up the mess afterwards would give me the greatest sense of relief in my life right now and FOREVER!

It’s 3:28 am and I’m heartbroken

In a previous post I mentioned sounds of Mumbai that I never wanted to hear again…that of an ambulance siren. Well last night I added another sound…

It all started at 3:28 am…I was awakened by a sound and I looked at my phone to see the time. I wasn’t quite sure what I heard at first…to be honest I thought it was a cat crying…honestly. They were short cries of longing for something…food, comfort…I don’t know…

It was the sound of a child crying, short bursts of cries and wails…intermittent sounds and pauses…AGHHHHHHH!!!! I am in shock.

It’s 3:28 am!

I am in shock. I don’t want to believe what I’m hearing, but I am forced to listen…

I listened real hard….I doubted what I heard for minutes….honestly cause I didn’t want to believe it. This is so sad.

First it was the short burst of cries from one child, then I heard another distinct voice. There were two of them. They were young.


Poverty is everywhere in Mumbai, even in Bandra. There are people living on the streets here too-albeit not as many as other areas of the city, but there are people everywhere in need of a home.

The voices were distant, but not so much so that I couldn’t imagine that they were probably just outside my society, probably around the corner, or across the street. They were close enough that I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

This is so sad!!

Silence on the street. No cars, no horns honking to muffle the sounds.This went on for what felt like FOREVER…but in reality it was about 10-15 minutes. Long minutes. At one point I heard a woman’s voice- you can tell she screamed at them… briefly. Maybe to be quiet….out of frustration…I don’t know…

The disbelief of it all is forcing me to listen…listen real hard. I cannot ignore what I’m hearing. Somebody needs to hear this. This is wrong!!

I wanted to empty my fridge and bring them everything. I am not dreaming I tell myself. This is real.

Eventually the sounds became distant…they had moved. Then quickly thereafter I heard nothing.

I- sadly and eventually, fell back asleep.

I will NEVER forget that in the quiet, stillness of the night, lying in a bed surrounded by four walls and a roof that I heard the sounds of longing from children awake and outside on the street at 3:28am!

Absolutely deafening!

Kala Ghoda Festival

I went to the Kala Ghoda festival this evening. It was the first night of the annual arts and culture festival that features a lot events.This includes vendors from across the country selling their handmade goods and such…



They also had some really cool art installations…


WP_20150207_17_47_16_Pro WP_20150207_17_46_31_Pro



Couldn’t quite figure out what was in the giant bowl…but the tap was cool. On the tap itself were little taps.

They had a lot of great trinkets and such for sale!! While the festival is on for the next 10 days or so, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back…with the crowds and all :(. I’ve heard it’s gets better as the days progress. There will be a lot of other events taking place as the event gets into full gear… which will also increase the crowds. We had planned to go to the book reading tonight, but got there too late. Let’s see if I can convince myself to face the crowds and head back to the festival. It was cool. 😉

A Tiffin good movie!

I really like Indian movies…to be more specific I like the dramatic ones- I’ve gotten used to the 2+hr length and am kinda getting used to the intermittent dancing, but there are some really good Indian Bollywood movies out there.

My love for tiffins has a Bollywood movie!! You’ve got to see The Lunch Box! It’s not the typical Bollywood movie with a lot of dancing. In fact, there’s no dancing at all! I think they even consider it a love story. I won’t say anything more except its a nice introduction to Bollywood type movies for those who have never given Bollywood a chance. 😉

There is a tiffin lunch system in India that is as fascinating as the Dhobi Ghat- I haven’t been there yet…I drive by it daily though. They are fascinating intricate systems at work and the most interesting thing about these “systems” are the everyday folks that make it happen. I’ve heard scholars have visited the Dhobi Ghat to try to understand how the laundry system works. How thousands of linens and things from hotels and wherever else they come from can be washed in a massive outdoor laundrymat (without the use of pen and paper it seems) and everything is returned to their rightful owners.

Prior to securing my flat I was living in a hotel for 7 weeks-let’s not rehash old memories…When it came to getting my laundry done, I did however mark on a sheet how much of each item I was bagging to be washed and just left the items in my room whenever I wanted laundry done. Besides it being astronomically CHEAP, my laundry was usually returned the next day. What’s interesting about the 24 hr turn around is the humidity in Mumbai is always there- even in the cooler seasons like this one. I was so smitten the first time my laundry got returned to me….

IMG_2200Neatly ironed and packaged!

Back to my tiffin story… they are related…remember systems of organized service delivery that are so complex there should be a methodology written down somewhere…..

Just go watch The Lunch Box 🙂 The link for the movie preview is in Hindi with some English…even if you don’t know Hindi you’ll get the jist of the movie.

So I had the chance the other day to see some tiffin dudes! 😉 They were making a delivery at a school and just about took over the sidewalk with their tiffin bags and such.


The tiffin lunch delivery system is similar. You’l have these dudes…. I call them tiffin dudes…lol. Who collect hot lunches and deliver them to individuals all over the city. Bags are not labelled with names. So picture one of these tiffin dudes going to …I don’t know 8-10 places, picking up a hot lunch and delivering them to different destinations and to their rightful owners- usually husbands. Now my example is 8-10 lunches. I’ve heard there could be double the amount that I’m suggesting. In my pics above there were about 8 tiffin dudes and at least 80 lunches.


Fascinating system!

Oh how I love tiffins!