Dubai Mall and The Burj

Lots of malls in Dubai…in case you never knew ;). Even the smaller malls are grand. Malls are a favourite topic with the kids I work with as a lot of families spend time there.. and these are three year olds! Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are the two biggies.

Dubai Mall is huge. Period! Just the walk from the subway exit to the mall through the connecting tunnel felt like almost 10 minutes and that includes walking on at least 6 super long motivators. And I usually avoid motivators. But this time I didn’t because I had no clue when I’d reach the entrance. I just knew that the walk would be long. Below is a mini version of the mall. Its only two levels I believe. I’ve been there a few times and have probably walked less than half of the mall.


I love books and was in the store Book World (as least I think that’s what its called). The bookstore is comparable in size to a Walmart superstore!

This is one of Dubai’s popular attraction’s…


The fountains at Dubai Mall. It’s like synchronized swimming without the swimmers. Just water moving to music. Was out for dinner and we sat on the patio and enjoyed classical, old school and popular music tunes. When I was leaving a friend’s house a while back- she lives near the mall and I heard and partially saw a Michael Jackson choreography.


Listening and watching a classical piece is really nice!


Not too far from Dubai Mall is another one of the hottest attractions- the Burj Kalifa. This is almost as close as I’ll get to the burj until I finally go.


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