Hi Dubai!

So I am officially settled into my new life in Dubai- christened by my first visa run today :).  Strolled along Sheikh Zayed road after drop off to admire some of the beautiful architecture that makes Dubai what it is.

A residential maze
A residential maze

I especially love this building  with the maze patterned balconies. Pretty cool!


Are those buildings as close together as they appear??? Yup! There are quite a few apartment buildings like that. That bridge above traffic is the tunnel to the metro.

The distant Burj

If you look really closely you can see the metro zooming along on the tracks. In the distant background on the right ( the skinny building) is the Burj Khalifa the tallest skyscraper.  I will post pics when I go 🙂

Getting back into the routine of keeping up with blogging… Gimme time guys…I’ll get back on track.

BTW this season has fabulous weather…it poured yesterday (two short downpours). The kids were glued to the windows as for some this was the first experience of rain that they could make sense of at their young age. It was so cute to see.  It’s wonderfully, comfortably sunny, breezy and not too hot.


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