It has to be about food

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.” What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

While working abroad in India how can one not take pleasure in eating food from the spice capital of the world!

It’s easy…

..well not easy- not at all in fact. It’s doable though- 15lbs lighter…but it’s doable! lol

I’ve been here for 6 months so far- minus a lengthy holiday trip back home, and I’ve eaten at 1 Indian restaurant, actually two…I had chicken fingers… and garlic bread-with process cheese…yuck… but that doesn’t count as Indian food.

WP_20150207_18_37_50_Pro (2)
Those chicken fingers looked like they wanted to eat me…needless to say I barely ate any!

I’ve tried one Indian treat-just last week actually, and have had 3 morsels from a birthday dessert… I think that was during my first week here way back in September.

So what’s the question that I’d “plead the fifth” to…

it’s “do you want some? or any variation of the same…”do you want something to eat?” The latter is especially when in foreign places and foreign spaces.

Cause my answer is always “hell no”…at least to the people here that know me well. And then we laugh. To others, it’s a polite “no thank you” or “it’s ok”.

Indians are very generous people when it comes to food. Feeding someone is a part of being hospitable and I am fortunate enough to work with colleagues who “get” my food issues and after many offers of food and many explanations and fact seeking missions…now we’re at the ‘light-hearted jokes” phase. They get it- for the most part, and just tease me every now and then.

A typical lunch conversation between me and one colleague in the office…

Colleague: Do you want some?

Me: What is it?


Me: (I have no clue what she’s said, something Indian, with lentils, or cumin, or some other Indian spice).

Side note: I came to India with such high hopes of learning Hindi….but Hindi is soooooooo hard!!!

I stand up and peak over the partition that seperates our desks. What’s in that?

Colleague: ….

Me: (I have no clue what she’s said, something Indian, with lentils or some other protein, or cumin, or some other Indian spice. But it’s definitely not a chapati… I love chapati…pure carb. Yum!)

“Hell no!”

We both laugh, I sit down and continue to eat my lunch and she continues to eat hers.

Although I do think they secretly think I will eat Indian food before my stay here ends.

I’ll leave them with their dreams 😉


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