Mumbai madness!!

I could write a laundry list of things that would tell you how “I’ve seen it all” in Mumbai over the last few months…well kinda “seen it all”…”seen a lot” is more accurate πŸ˜‰

Here’s a couple of things I’ve seen…and experienced in the last few weeks.

A wha’ di!

If you read my blog you’ll remember my fascination with transportation and how motorcycles carry A LOT of people at times…well, I’ve definitely seen it all…

the highest number yet….

Image result for pic of mumbai family motorcycle

6 people (2 preschoolers, two youths and two adults). Minus the dog and baggage this is EXACTLY what it looked like!

A wah di….. (clean version)

Image result for a pic of a wah di

I could’a keel ov’a inna shock!! Dem foolishness is madness!!

A wha’ di…part 2

I work at a school that is gated… pretty much all schools are gated I think. So I call down to the watchman (security guard) at the front gate when it’s time to go home and I need to catch a taxi. They hail a taxi and then call me when it arrives. They usually let the taxi into the compound and I come down and it’s waiting right at the entrance. But on one fine day, I walked out to the gates and as I was approaching the taxi we locked eyes. He saw me, I saw him. As I was walking towards him…still about 20 feet away the watchman gestures towards the taxi and says to me “taxi”. I keep walking and sure enough…a few steps later as the taxi driver watches me walk to the car…

…he slowly drives off.

Now the most interesting thing about this whole occurrence, is that he “slowly” drove off.

A wha' di!
A wha’ di!

A dat mi a seh too!

All dogs live in Mumbai πŸ˜‰

There are TONS of stray dogs in Mumbai and for every 10 dogs that I see out for a stroll with their owners at least 5 of them are overweight! lol

I’ve even seen- what appeared to be, an overweight dalmatian! She was lookin’ a little too round in too many places to be pregnant! lol

So on my way home I routinely pass this shop where this dog pretty much lives. One my way home yesterday to my shock I pass the little bugger and…

picture this…

he’s lying on his right side,Β eyes closed and his rear left leg is stuck up in the air…left front leg cocked up a bit too…looking like he’s stiff dead that way. I had to pause…

but today I saw him, and he’s curled up in front of shop… sleeping as usual πŸ˜‰

All is well in doggy land πŸ˜‰


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