It’s 3:28 am and I’m heartbroken

In a previous post I mentioned sounds of Mumbai that I never wanted to hear again…that of an ambulance siren. Well last night I added another sound…

It all started at 3:28 am…I was awakened by a sound and I looked at my phone to see the time. I wasn’t quite sure what I heard at first…to be honest I thought it was a cat crying…honestly. They were short cries of longing for something…food, comfort…I don’t know…

It was the sound of a child crying, short bursts of cries and wails…intermittent sounds and pauses…AGHHHHHHH!!!! I am in shock.

It’s 3:28 am!

I am in shock. I don’t want to believe what I’m hearing, but I am forced to listen…

I listened real hard….I doubted what I heard for minutes….honestly cause I didn’t want to believe it. This is so sad.

First it was the short burst of cries from one child, then I heard another distinct voice. There were two of them. They were young.


Poverty is everywhere in Mumbai, even in Bandra. There are people living on the streets here too-albeit not as many as other areas of the city, but there are people everywhere in need of a home.

The voices were distant, but not so much so that I couldn’t imagine that they were probably just outside my society, probably around the corner, or across the street. They were close enough that I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

This is so sad!!

Silence on the street. No cars, no horns honking to muffle the sounds.This went on for what felt like FOREVER…but in reality it was about 10-15 minutes. Long minutes. At one point I heard a woman’s voice- you can tell she screamed at them… briefly. Maybe to be quiet….out of frustration…I don’t know…

The disbelief of it all is forcing me to listen…listen real hard. I cannot ignore what I’m hearing. Somebody needs to hear this. This is wrong!!

I wanted to empty my fridge and bring them everything. I am not dreaming I tell myself. This is real.

Eventually the sounds became distant…they had moved. Then quickly thereafter I heard nothing.

I- sadly and eventually, fell back asleep.

I will NEVER forget that in the quiet, stillness of the night, lying in a bed surrounded by four walls and a roof that I heard the sounds of longing from children awake and outside on the street at 3:28am!

Absolutely deafening!


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