A Tiffin good movie!

I really like Indian movies…to be more specific I like the dramatic ones- I’ve gotten used to the 2+hr length and am kinda getting used to the intermittent dancing, but there are some really good Indian Bollywood movies out there.

My love for tiffins has a Bollywood movie!! You’ve got to see The Lunch Box! It’s not the typical Bollywood movie with a lot of dancing. In fact, there’s no dancing at all! I think they even consider it a love story. I won’t say anything more except its a nice introduction to Bollywood type movies for those who have never given Bollywood a chance. 😉

There is a tiffin lunch system in India that is as fascinating as the Dhobi Ghat- I haven’t been there yet…I drive by it daily though. They are fascinating intricate systems at work and the most interesting thing about these “systems” are the everyday folks that make it happen. I’ve heard scholars have visited the Dhobi Ghat to try to understand how the laundry system works. How thousands of linens and things from hotels and wherever else they come from can be washed in a massive outdoor laundrymat (without the use of pen and paper it seems) and everything is returned to their rightful owners.

Prior to securing my flat I was living in a hotel for 7 weeks-let’s not rehash old memories…When it came to getting my laundry done, I did however mark on a sheet how much of each item I was bagging to be washed and just left the items in my room whenever I wanted laundry done. Besides it being astronomically CHEAP, my laundry was usually returned the next day. What’s interesting about the 24 hr turn around is the humidity in Mumbai is always there- even in the cooler seasons like this one. I was so smitten the first time my laundry got returned to me….

IMG_2200Neatly ironed and packaged!

Back to my tiffin story… they are related…remember systems of organized service delivery that are so complex there should be a methodology written down somewhere…..

Just go watch The Lunch Box 🙂 The link for the movie preview is in Hindi with some English…even if you don’t know Hindi you’ll get the jist of the movie.

So I had the chance the other day to see some tiffin dudes! 😉 They were making a delivery at a school and just about took over the sidewalk with their tiffin bags and such.


The tiffin lunch delivery system is similar. You’l have these dudes…. I call them tiffin dudes…lol. Who collect hot lunches and deliver them to individuals all over the city. Bags are not labelled with names. So picture one of these tiffin dudes going to …I don’t know 8-10 places, picking up a hot lunch and delivering them to different destinations and to their rightful owners- usually husbands. Now my example is 8-10 lunches. I’ve heard there could be double the amount that I’m suggesting. In my pics above there were about 8 tiffin dudes and at least 80 lunches.


Fascinating system!

Oh how I love tiffins!


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