Winter pollution

I don’t know what it is about this season…but the pollution is absolutely unbearable. You breath it in when you’re walking, riding in a cab EVERYWHERE!! It’s really bad. Sometimes I want to hold my breath…seriously, cause you feel like you’re eating it. But I know that’s not a good idea. lol.

Locals seem to be used to it, but it’s not good. It must have something to do with this season. When I first arrive at the beginning of September, I smelled the pollution, ate pollution, but that was very short lived.

Not that it went away, c’mon this is Mumbai….traffic heaven. 🙂 But I wasn’t breathing it in the way I am now.

Since January I’ve been breathing it in every single day and it’s BAD! Looking out the window at work you can see the sky is blanketed with thick smog/fog/pollution…whatever it is, it has blanketed the city everyday since I’ve been back.

I love the cool temperature of the season, but I’ll take the heat over the pollution any day!


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