Winter in Mumbai


apparently this ‘cold’ snap should have been over by now…according to locals at least. I’ve been told that by mid January the temperatures should start increasing again.

What exactly does that mean you ask? Well… mornings are cold-ish at 18 degrees. Afternoons lately are around 31 degrees, and evenings are cool  at 21 degrees.

And yes, 18 degrees is cold-ish. When I first got back last week I was smiling at all the people I saw wearing winter hats, fall jackets and sweaters…. Guess what! I’m now one of them too.

Now I may not be wearing a winter hat, but 18 degree mornings and 21 degree evenings are just not ‘feeling’ the same as they would during the summer back home. Truly it’s not the same! The air is nippy! Even riding home in the cab- windows down, 25 degrees, breeze blowing, it’s unusually cool for that temperature.

I wish this weather would hang around just a tad longer. I have to savour the tail end of this season cause MAD heat is on the way. I strongly dislike a/c and am LOVING the fact that I don’t need to use it at all!


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