MIA…did you miss me? :)

I have been back in town for just over a week now…but have been MIA from my blog since then. But I’m back…with a few things to report on my sluggish return to blogging ;).

Jet lag…sucks!


It hit me sooo bad this time around… I guess it had to do with being ‘off’ India time for 7 weeks and kinda ‘on’ Canada time. I didn’t have a normal sleeping schedule at all (most days up really late) while I was home and I knew I’d pay for it when I got back to Mumbai.

Boy did I ever!

Most evenings I didn’t feel like cooking, cleaning, eating…nothing!

The days were surprisingly fine…until last Friday…which was mild compared to the rest of the week in that I desperately wanted to sleep by 3pm Friday afternoon. DESPERATELY! It was the nights that just about wiped me out! So I’m dying to sleep at 7pm every single day…and I mean my head and my eye lids felt like they weighed a TON… very weird feeling actually…but I knew I had to stay awake a few more hours to fall in to pattern. When I finally go to bed, sleep left me briefly a few times, which was not even the cruncher in this sleepless saga… it was the fact that the head that once was soooo heavy with sleep is up…wide awake between 3-4am. Every single night!

If you know me, I love my sleep!!

Winnie the Pooh in bed

And if you really know me… I ain’t getting up at no 3-4am. Sleep has no choice but to find me… cause I AIN’T BUDGING!


To add misery to deprivation…

I live on the ground floor which means cars are parked in the lot that encircles my building-the lot also includes the perimeter of the building. The walls are thin- especially ceiling and perimeter walls. There is a car parked RIGHT outside my bedroom window nightly. A common practice is for people to pay others to wash their cars each and every morning

SIDE NOTE:…silly me thought that it was people washing their OWN cars. Then I was enlightened by a colleague…I should have known better…lol as there is a job for everyone in Mumbai πŸ™‚

Mumbai is a dusty city-not terribly dusty…but dusty enough

…except when you leave your flat locked up for 7 weeks…where the dust gets in… I HAVE NO CLUE!

But that’s a different story….I digress…

Between taxis and ‘car washer people’, on my way to work I always see people washing cars.

It’s not your typical car wash with a hose and a bucket and soap…it’s kinda like that but minus the frothing bubbles and minus the hose. It’s more like a rag a bucket and some water. It’s just a rinse off-see black bucket below πŸ™‚

So back to my interrupted sleep…ughhhh!!

So this dude obviously has a lot of cars to wash as part of his job. So lucky for me the car outside my bedroom window must be at the top of his list ’cause at 5:30am EVERY morning he is out there rinsing off the car. The sun does not rise until just past 7am people!!

So picture the sound of a wet rag being slapped on a car every couple of seconds…

A ‘im did need two slap! (patois)

Guess who I wanted to slap…twice? πŸ˜‰ (English translation…kinda sort of lol)

Oh yah, don’t forget the birds and crows singing their song…I don’t know when I fell back asleep, but eventually I did.

Jet lag is finally over and I’m working HARD…lawd… and lovin’ Mumbai sunshine.


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