Mumbai…. I’m back!!

It’s official… I am a workaholic! I was back home for approximately 7 weeks and although it was great catching up with everyone…by about week 3 I was DYING to work lol. I have never had this much time off work in my entire working career!!

Nevertheless it was great to go home and see family and friends as it may be a long time before I go back :(.

As for Mumbai…

It would seem during my slumber Mumbai has become increasingly busy with traffic…grrr!!! A trip to work that previously took me 25-30 minutes is now taking 45-50 minutes for the past two days.  Traffic has found new roads to jam which increases the number of trafficked pockets making the journey longer :(.

Another shift in Mumbai during my absence…

In early December the season began to change. Morning and evening lows are now cooler at 18-20 degrees. There’s no need for a/c to sleep at night…yay! I’ve seen many people in sweaters and “winter”…yes “winter” hats. I’ve even seen a father and son duo wearing one of those winter hats that are like face masks where only your eyes nose and lips are exposed.


For locals the temperature is “cool” or “cold” depending on who you ask ;).

Nevertheless, it is absolutely awesome to be somewhere on the planet where in the month of January the high is 30 degrees!


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