The best ride to school ….ever!

It really looks like he's driving, eh?
It really looks like he’s driving, eh?

The best ride to school for a kid in Mumbai has got to be on a scooter!


Or, better yet, a motorcycle!!

I definitely am not an advocate for kids on scooters….period!

It’s WAY too common to see a dad driving a motorcycle with a toddler-

YES, a toddler..

…sitting in front of him holding on to the handlebars, and mom sitting behind dad. Oh, and if there happens to be a sibling, he or she is sitting in between mom and dad.

Motorcycles and scooters are the most economical form of transportation in a city like Mumbai. They are also the fastest mode of transportation. Driving a scooter or motorcycle can cut your commute in half sometimes- if you know how to be ‘one with the road’ 😉  As unsafe as that may be for kids, it’s commonplace in Mumbai. Kids in cars with no car seat. Kids PACKED into carpool vans (some standing) on their way to school. Kids on scooters with a parent. Families on scooters with their kids.

I once saw a kid on a motorcycle- his dad had just picked him up from school. He was standing on the seat, his hands on his dad’s shoulders as the motorcycle took off. Could I get the camera out fast enough!? Nope!

He was 4-5 years old.

I’ve also seen on a few occasions a family of 4 on a motorcycle. Dad driving-a young schoolager or preschooler sitting in front of him holding on to the handle bars, mom sitting sideways.

Yes, BOTH legs were swung over on one side of the motorcycle. Similar to the pic below…


And she was holding an infant. A young infant (6 months or less). I’ve seen this at least twice!

I can’t get the camera out fast enough!!

All reasons why I am in awe of all things Mumbai. Some things are just absolutely unbelieveable!


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