My fascination of empty spaces

For me, Mumbai is the epitome of all things fascinating. Truly, it is! There is almost nothing about this city that I am not curious about. Now, my curiousity has varying degrees of intensity, but there is so much to be curious about….

…like buildings in Mumbai. I am truly fascinated by buildings here. Not architectural buildings, but plain ol’ apartments, condos…dwelling spaces.


I know it’s weird.

If there is a hole, an opening, a gap anywhere in the city, if it’s not filled with what can look like the tiniest tuck shop, it is the entry way to a building, or entry to a lane way of buildings- some short, some not too tall.

I will not say all, but sometimes it seems like every nook and cranny of this city- outside of areas labelled as ‘slums’, has land that is occupied by some sort of structure. Even goods from a lot of stores spill out onto the sidewalks… lol.

Some of the buildings are not too bad… in terms of architecture.


The buildings in the pic above and below face the bandstand…otherwise known as the waterfront!


Hang in there if you’re bored :)… I’ll get to the most interesting part shortly 🙂

Now those buildings are not bad aesthetically. They’re nice to look at. But there’s another side to buildings in Mumbai…it’s the lot of them that remain unfinished. That, is what I am most intrigued by.


This pic is taken from a bridge. So not only is that a tall building, it’s a very tall unfinished building. There are A LOT of buildings like this. I mean A LOT. They (locals) say it’s politics… if you can’t grease the hands, then your permits will get held up, you’ll run out of money and then what…

See the next pic.


Squatters will take up residence in abandoned buildings. They’ll buy windows, the odd door and make a home for themselves. That building has got to be at least 20 storeys tall.

Now don’t tell me that’s not fascinating 😉

I’ve seen quite a few of these around the city… empty buildings, the odd floor with just one window…and even once I saw one with a window a/c unit.

I’ve been told that some construction sites are abandoned, some just take years to build as permits get held up for LONG periods of time.WP_20141017_17_47_29_Pro

If you look really closely at the pic below you’ll see one window installed in the unfinished building behind the hotel.


Progress, they say takes time. In Mumbai the sad evidence of this reality… is everywhere!


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