Can we say ….bun’ street shopping!

So in Mumbai, there are two popular roads where shopping deals (for clothes and shoes) are to be found…Linking Road and Hill Road, Bandra. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before… but shopping for almost anything you will have a lot of options, as the competition is often found right beside each other…literally! Sometimes the competition is spread out on the sidewalks, clothes and shoes laid out on tarps.


These vendors are all selling the same thing…ladies tops. Lots of similarities, minor differences.

My favourite thing about Linking Road, is not the shopping deals, but things like KFC, McDonalds and Quizno’s… and the Haagen Daz I pass… oh and the fact that on route to Linking Road… a Krispy Kreme will be in my neighbourhood sometime in the future. Yes!

Now I don’t eat at all these places…

well kinda-not-really… [Cher you’re going to be disappointed in me and what’s been going on with KFC… :(].

I have yet to eat at Haagen Dazs or Quizno’s

Linking Road or Hill Road…. if you like to haggle, love to shop… you’ll love it.

Meh! (patois)

Me! (English)…

Look at this…


Just look at this!!! Why?!?!?!

This is absolute madness, people are everywhere…This is a main road with traffic going in both directions and the streets are packed!

It’s like this all the time. Even weekday evenings… EVERY weekday evening!



In this area vendors take up the entire sidewalk and people compete with cars and rickshaws for space on the road. Oh, and on this street, the road is closed for repairs in one direction, which leaves one NARROW lane of traffic for cars AND people….

Like I said… madness!

Needless to say… I went….

I tried to shop…

I was conquered…not even by the heat- it’s the crowds, and just people and stuff everywhere. People just everywhere. People everywhere. PEOPLE everywhere!! One can barely see some of the stuff for sale as the crowds are all around the stalls. You have to edge your way in and then haggle ‘the hell’ out of the vendor to get a good deal.

If you feel the same way I do about shopping at Winners… picture an open air Winners on steroids…that’s what it is. Weeding through clothes…aghh…lawd…to find a nice t-shirt….really?

I went shopping recently with a colleague and she was getting quotes for a pair of wedges for 650 rupees from one vendor, and the exact same pair for 700 from another vendor close by… at some point I went home and she went back to the vendor on her own to buy the shoes. Her goal was to get him to settle at 500. I was intrigued and asked her to text me what the final price was….

Get this…

She got the shoes for 400!!

Can we say “can’t-let-the-foreigner-find-out-the-real-price-so-let’s-jack-it-up-way-high!!”

Dam teef! (patois)

Thief! (English)

Anyway…the real situation is I’m going home in a couple of weeks and I haven’t bought any trinkets yet and I can’t bear to face the throng of people.

Bun’ shopping!


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