Blue skies

Blue skies…


are beautiful.

I’ve been in Dubai all week and I didn’t realize how much I missed a clear blue sky being in India for the past 2+months….

It’s weird…the things you take for granted can be sooo simple, yet profound!

After a long work day…I got out to do some shopping at…


It’s a large open air market with food vendors and make shift buildings which represent different “countries”, each with tons of vendors inside.


It just opened on the day we went I think…. so there weren’t a lot of people, and all the vendors aren’t set up yet…but that didn’t stop us from shopping! There were market areas for countries all over the world (Africa, Italy, Turkey, China, Sinapore….. the list goes on). We only made it in to 4-5 areas, and we we’re pooped.  Lot’s of fabulous stuff for sale… Turkish artists paint some beautiful stuff… There were tons of authentic cultural artifacts… you felt like you “visited” each country…most of the time. Some of the other vendors had less authentic cultural artefacts, and sold commercial stuff…dolls etc… they were cute nonetheless.


We also had the chance to catch Turskish dancers on the open air stage on our way out.


They were absolutely fabulous!!


And that one guy centre stage…sweat and all..he’s hot! lol

They even had a Turkish performance for kids.


I think the clown dude is from a popular Turkish kid’s cartoon.

Dubai is an aesthetically beautiful place.  Clean lines, clean roads, gorgeous malls, tall, tall, tall buildings…tons of them lining the marina! Beautiful modern architecture.


By the time I got out of work, it was almost evening, so didn’t get a lot of “day time” shots…next time though, I’ll get some great shots of the marina during the day. Here’s a pic from the boat tour we took around the marina at night. It’s absolutely gorgeous!



Above is a pic of the boardwalk. A beautiful place to stroll for hours…literally!!!!

The temperature was surprisingly very very ‘cool’. Apparently we came at a great time of year as usually the heat is scorching in this desert land :).

Thanks Dubai for the blue skies, quiet roads and all things peaceful…soon it’s back to wild world of Mumbai….which is equally intriguing in its own way!



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