A ham ate my wallet. My rant on grocery shopping in Mumbai.

I have to laugh….i just spent 8 bucks CDN on 5 slices of cooked ham-thinly sliced.

Yah, I know. lol

I will become a vegetarian  by force…:(

One who doesn’t eat vegetables. Lol

I’m getting tired of chicken and I have yet to get to the cold storage (that’s the place where they sell packaged frozen meat). By the time I get home its 6:30…who wants to cook then!!! My freezer broke down and just got fixed yesterday. This shopping every couple of days for food…..and running to three different places to get everything I need…..ughhh! And you have to shop every couple of days cause everything is already so ripe when you buy it from these outdoor vendors.
Visit man on this street corner for bananas… then off to the expat friendly supermarket-that’s not so super in size or stuff, for incredibly expensive stuff…then to the local grocery store for the everyday stuff the expat friendly supermarket doesn’t carry at all.

THEN, on the way home stop at the ‘chemist’ to get dishwashing soap…which I couldn’t find at the previous two “grocery stores” and some juice.

One of two stores that I shop at regularly on the weekend nearly….

bun’ down. (patois)

burned down. (English)

Well not really, but as soon as I entered an electrical fire was brewing right by front cash.

You can imagine what happened next.

It’s the making of an electrical FIRE.

People began to leave.


First, the smell of something burning….and a bit of smoke.

Crowd now gathering….

Remember, this is at the front of the store- a tiny supermarket by North American standards….and I just entered as this all went down.

So guess what?

I’m a part of the crowd too 😉 which is soooo unlike me. Lol


The guy behind the counter has a little trouble pulling the pin out the fire extinguisher….

Hooray the fire extinguisher worked.

Store begins to fill with smoke…..

Smoke becomes unbearable….I, and many others head outside.

Store is now closed….chuh! (patois)


The morale or whatever-you-want-to-call-it of this tale…grocery shopping sucks!  You can’t do groceries in one day in Mumbai….traffic is incredible in the evenings. It’ll take three evenings of shopping or a full weekend day, to get what I would just get from one grocery store back home.

And I am a party of 1! Albeit a party pooper when it comes to food because of my food issues….but that’s besides the point!

As soon as I got home today (6:30), I spun around and went back on the road for a few groceries. I got back home at 7:30…to cook dinner? Oh hell no! An egg sandwich it is!

What’s for lunch tomorrow?

Who cares!

Bun’ food!

Bun’ grocery shopping too!
(ask one of your West Indian friends to translate that!).
Can somebody please send me a crate of mint tea, a pallet of sesame snaps and two pallets of medium cheddar cheese.Please!

Oh, Canada.
My home and native land!

Grocery shopping inevitable will be the one thing that I will never enjoy but will have to suck it up and get used to it!


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