The strength of man!

I’ve mentioned previously that folks “walk” things to their destination. In Mumbai that can be a faster and cheaper way to transport goods. But lawd (Patois) geez (English) the things people “walk” is absolutely unbelievable.


anything you want.

It can be walked to its destination in Mumbai. Short distance…long distance, it doesn’t matter cause whatever it is …like I said before, chances are it’s a cheaper option for people to maximize their profits and/or earn income.

Ok…so maybe not anything you want ;). But I’ve seen a guy walking a washing machine AND some other stuff on his wooden pallat.

The pallets themselves are made of sturdy wood and must be heavy which adds to the weight of everything.


Those boxes are not filled with lightweight materials!

Or you can just ditch the wooden pallet and just carry it on your shoulder!



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