Beautiful Bandra!

I like living in Bandra. What I like most about it, is just about everything you “need” (that word has already been redefined) is in walking distance…at least from my flat. This gets me out, exploring, albeit for brief periods of time as I do end up melting in the heat lol. The only thing that’s not nearby is the mall- but I’m not crying over that at all…I may shed a few tears eventually, but not at this moment. You can get better deals from street vendors than from any mall, but even that isn’t appealing as I hate shopping… I have yet to force myself to get into the throng of crowds to experience that side of Mumbai…ughhhh!

What I love about Bandra are the neighbourhoods… and the fact that mine- and many others are tucked away from the busyness of traffic on the main roads.


Today I walked to the bandstand. Who wouldn’t want to live near the waterfront!


It was overcast, so it wasn’t that hot,. Well…the sun wasn’t blazing and there was a bit of a breeze.

Ok, so it was kinda hot. I think it was 30 when I left mid morning. Yah I know, 30 is hot- but not really in India ;). With a cloudy sky I found it bearable and figured I’d last longer outside…hence I walked further 🙂

I had intended on just going to the grocery store and heading back home. But lucky me, as I was walking I looked to my right and saw the water off in the distance, beckoning me. So I figured a cloudy day is a good day to go for a long walk and I decided to head over to the bandstand first.


Off in the distance you can see some boats on the water.

Here’s were I sat for a while, just taking in the endless view of the sea. WP_20141025_11_22_35_Pro


What I wouldn’t give to live in one of those buildings to have a view of the water!! I will of course go back on a sunny day and take more pics of the bandstand. So stay tuned 🙂

Tomorrow I’m gonna grit my teeth and see if I can join the throng of shoppers on Linking Road. I am shaking my head in defeat already. Lol!


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