‘Foreign’ food is indeed expensive!

‘Foreign’ food is indeed expensive in Mumbai…but who cares!

Did I blink twice when I spent 5 bucks (CDN) for a pack of M&M’s…


How about when I spent 6 bucks for a tiny pack of water crackers…


Nope! The name of these crackers “water crackers” put me in a nostalgic trance….lol. Reminded me of West Indian “water crackers”. So I didn’t even blink twice at the price.

I am still having a hard time finding medium cheddar cheese… help! I am seriously grieving about this one 😦

Black Diamond, Armstrongs or Cracker Barrel need only apply! And don’t tell me about no ‘sharp’ cheddar, I ain’t having it!

What about 12 bucks for a box of cereal….?


Did I blink twice?


In fact, I blinked three times. Especially when I picked up the box and felt how light it was…

…12 bucks for 365 grams!

If you know me… I bought it anyways 😉

Thank goodness I do not eat a lot, because I will hunt- and end up paying the price, for my North American food.


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