Offical induction into cabbing in Mumbai…

First things first… an induction is the equivalent of what most people-back home, would call an orientation.

When I started my current consultancy period. I went through a series of inductions that took a couple of days (1-2hrs each time), and involved about 5-6 people.

Now back to cabbing in Mumbai…


My official induction- the first and last, of cabbing in Mumbai happened today.

Today I was official RIPPED OFF by a cabbie! Stupid me for being so engrossed in Chetan Bagat’s latest novel, to not pay attention to where I was going.

All this takes place in the context of the most important event since my arrival 6 weeks ago…

I was on my way home to my FLAT!!

Yes… I have flat!! Yay!! I moved in last Thursday evening and since then I’ve spent hours cleaning, christened my stove with a box of KD and took a walking tour of the neighbourhood.

And of course I found the local bookstore 🙂

Back to the teefin’ (Patois) cabbie,…

Back to the thieving (English) cabbie…

So he truly took me on a tour as it cost me an extra 60 rupees to get home. He took a totally different route. The I-want-more-of-your money extended route and I didn’t want to get out and get into another cab because it was rush hour. Rush hour in Mumbai… you wouldn’t get out of the cab either! lol

Until I am fully familiar with the ins and outs of the routes for me to get to and from work…driving map app will be on, and Chetan Bagat will have to get less of my attention :(.

I gotta learn Hindi at a quicker pace… so I can be more in control of my ride! Grrr!


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