A trip in a time machine- don’t forget the red wine!

daily prompt

A time machine trip to the past or the future….which would I choose? The future. I’ve already been to my past, more times than I’d like. The fallible nature of man dooms us to revisit our past- some more than others, and sometimes on auto pilot. I am more interested in the future because when I look at my past- I’m not going to my past, but merely ‘looking’ :), there are memories there that make a trip to the future so much more exciting!

The future is a glass of red wine waiting to be poured. It’s our perspective that determines whether that glass will be half empty or half full.

glass of wine

Mine will be full. :)…this Friday… when my present living-in-a-hotel-too-long, meets my finally-got-a-flat.

My future is sweet!


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