I want to be that elastic superhero dude!

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According to dictionary.com resilience can be defined as:
1.”the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.”
2.”ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.”
Opportunities to learn something new are always interesting, especially when you can’t predict how far reaching the learning will be. As humans we all have the potential to be resilient, some of us may grow up to become more resilient than others. Some may not even recognize how resilient they are. The deciding factor is what and/or who has nurtured or killed our ability to become resilient adults. ‘Killed’ is such a strong word, but its true. Too many people have had no control over the people in their life who have killed their ability to become resilient. Oh, those formative years are sooo important!
Some of our coping mechanisms- that is, what we do that determines how we bounce back or if we bounce back, are not entirely positive, or the best idea, BUT I would like to believe we have the ability to cope. Just being born creates the ability for us grow, be nurtured and become resilient. So the question is, what strategies do we employ during times when we are “bent, compressed, or stretched”? Do those strategies give us the “power or ability to return to the original form” or better yet, transcend that situation, or do they catapult us to places we thought we would never find ourselves?
When I’m stuck in a yucky situation, I want to return to my original form or transcend to a place that makes me conscious of my ability to be resilient, so that I do not entertain those ‘other’ strategies which are often reactionary and easy to come by. Those ‘other’ strategies also send us to ‘reactionary’ places which don’t help us out in the long run. Its only once we get there we realize we don’t want to be there and then, we have a hard time getting out!
I am so lucky the junk food I like can only be found in another country right now! lol
If I were a superhero I’d want to be the guy from the fantastic four who is elastic. He can find his way around ANY situation, and in the end he has the “power or ability to return to his original form”.
Oh, and he’s the smartest one in the gang of four 🙂
I am resilient. I am good. Trust me 😉

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