my mouth wide shut is exactly what food sees!

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If I didn’t have to eat I wouldn’t. Its not because I don’t like food, but there are just too many foods out there and I don’t eat 99% of it all. Sometimes too many choices can turn one right off altogether. this is my dilemma.

The short list of what I do eat is actually a long list….a long list of reasons…some of which I still can’t articulate. Lol

I don’t like exotic fruits…my definition of exotic is anything that can’t be grown in a four season climate like where I’m from and is readily found on islands. Like pineapples- except the pop, I love pineapple pop. Guava..even honeydew and cantaloupe makes the do not eat list for me.

I’m a plain girl. Give me apples, strawberries, grapes, pears, oranges and bananas and I’m good!

Any other fruit probably won’t make the cut.

I’m pretty much like that with all foods. I’m a cheap date. Don’t take me to a fine dining restaurant it just won’t work out…believe me, been there, done that, ain’t going again!

I love carbs and that includes rice (white, brown and basmati) and pizza (meat only please) and lasagna. To the person-and she shall remain nameless, who almost poisoned lasagna by putting in chick peas – unbeknownst to me, that was traumatizing. I almost parted ways with my most favourite food forever.

Cucumbers, raw carrots, potatoes, raw celery, spring mix salad..those are your vegetables folks….oh yah and perfectly steamed broccoli. That’s it!

Probably the weirdest thing of all for me is soup. I will only eat chicken noodle soup- the boxed kind, and it can only be Lipton’s brand.

Actually that’s not the weirdest thing….its cheese. I only eat medium cheddar cheese and if its the white one it has to be melted. No blue cheese, cordon blue or cream cheese. Nothing creamy in fact…unless its ice cream from the ice cream truck. Yum!

One more…sauces, and anything else that resembles gravy of any sort. Just give me good ol’ tomato sauce and I’m good. No creams, no blushes. But I will take some curry goat or oxtail gravy. Weird eh? That’s the west indian influence in me… The only West Indian in me. Lol

Oh, and I’m also in the spice capital of the world (India) for the next 12 months. How will I survive….survive i shall no doubt 😉


3 thoughts on “my mouth wide shut is exactly what food sees!

  1. Your food ‘particularities’ are part of you and I must confess I do love them. Miss seeing a smear of that selected or shall we say “preferred” icing make the ranks to your fork and seeing your bliss of enjoyment as you lightly nibble it up over a half hour period. Lol

    Glad you are able to find a few things to satisfy. Were you able to take some of the ol’KD with you? I was betting that it would last the year, now I am not so sure.

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