India is hot!

India is hot man! I was told shortly after I arrived here a few weeks ago that the next heat wave starts in October and lasts for a few months.

The problem with the heat is that it mixes with other environmental calamities – like smog and car exhaust.

I’m not calling down any sickness on me … (patois)

I’m not looking to get sick… (English)


I’m surprised there isn’t an asthma epidemic here.

Did you know you.can eat pollution?

You really can!

Well I did and it tastes like car exhaust. Yuck!

Its not like this everyday, but it doesn’t matter, its not good when its even one day.

I remember driving across the sea worli link ( its a bridge in Mumbai) and looking at the water off into the distance and seeing the smog I said to my friend, “look at that.” His response. “It’s beautiful.” I was like “what!” When I told him that the beautiful blanket in the sky he saw was a city covered in smog, he had no clue. He had always thought it was something beautiful. Can you imagine?

Yes, Mumbai has a lot of pollution, but there are still days when pollution is at bay, the sun is shining, its damn hot outside, and I can still catch a warm breeze.

I’ll let you know when it gets hot enough to fry an egg on pavement. Lol. I’m a little nervous about that kind of heat. Weird, considering I’m finding 36C somewhat bearable, sometimes 🙂 and that is much hotter than back home in Canada, eh!

Oh yah, I still hate A/C. Even in this mad heat! Lol


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