Living in a hotel sucks!

Okay so I’ve been living in a hotel in Mumbai for almost 4 weeks now and by this time next week my new favourite word will be ‘flat’…. not ‘flat’ like a pancake, but ‘flat’ like an apartment. I’ve had some technical issues getting settled during my consultancy and I’m feeling pretty confident that by this time next week I will have a place of my own.

My distaste of hotel living has nothing to do with me wanting to cook… well at this point, kinda sort of…but that’s because of my issues with food, and not because I like to cook. It also has nothing to do with living in small spaces. I am quite okay with that. It’s my desire for solitude and the need for me to be settled in my new surroundings.

When I come ‘home’ to the hotel each day I feel like I live with my parents and the in laws and then some. There’s always 3 security people out front…”Hi. Hi. Hi’. and at least 4-and I mean 4 as a minimum… 4 hotel staff hanging around the front “Hi. Good evening. Hi. Good evening”.

I say ‘hi’ because my parents raised me to be polite, and I do mean it sincerely when I say it, I just wish I didn’t have to say it so many times when I’m at ‘my’ house…. hence the need to move in to ‘my’ flat asap! lol

I am sooooo used to coming home and …..

did you hear that….

neither did I….

…..that’s called ‘silence’.

Ohhh how I miss my solitude!!!!

I love my solitude so much that back home I would sit in my car in my driveway for 15-20 minutes BEFORE going in my house… and I live alone.

I love my car… not for the reasons you think. My car is just… comfor…. I was going to say comforting…lol, my car is just very comfortable. lol

The other part that really sucks about living in a hotel is that I can’t go in to the office everyday and get my banana muffin for breakfast….I want a yummy BANANA MUFFIN!! I’m not homesick…. I just miss things about home. I need to find a good bakery in Mumbai… and I don’t mean for Indian sweets…lol.


One thought on “Living in a hotel sucks!

  1. Marva, i am so happy to hear you are alive and well! Thank you for documenting your adventure, it makes for fabulous reading. Hope solitude is not far off!
    Lisa 🙂


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