Daily Prompt: Great conversations are…

Daily prompt

Great conversations are yummy! It’s like that sweet treat that just hit the spot, or being able to sleep in on the weekends…. you don’t want it to end and when it does you may not be full, but you’re edified and you’ve usually done the same for the other person. The back and forth exchange, where you finish each other’s sentences, interrupt- and it’s okay, nod A LOT, and just eat up everything that’s being said, yum, yum, yum.

I love those conversations!

They usually happen with two types of people I find: people you really gel with on some level, or complete strangers where you’ve just clicked on a topic. You may never see that stranger again, but the topic of conversation that got you going, kept you going for a long time and when it ended you thought.. “that was a cool dude”, or “I really enjoyed talking to her”. Sometimes those strangers end up friends, other times should you see them again you greet them with a type of enthusiasm- that resembles friendship. Some of those strangers become friends and those who do can become good friends quicker than what it’s taken you to become good friends with those you’ve known for years.

Relationships are weird.

I love a good conversation and sometimes for me that means just listening and nodding to show I’m here, I don’t know much about what you’re saying but it’s interesting and I want to know more. I guess that’s why I love school… or the pursuit of knowledge. I love being in a space with people who think differently on a subject, with people who are knowledgeable on a topic and with people who have varying degrees of experience on a subject. I learn something from all of them. With the people that think differently than I do, I learn to be more open and actually to listen better. With people who are more knowledgeable, I just learn. I eat till my belly is full. With people who have varying degrees of experience I learn how to be patient and to fine tune my listening skills as I was once at the ‘no experience’ end of the spectrum.


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