Walking can be hard work at times!


Mumbai is a city where traffic ALWAYS moves and this includes cars, scooters, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, rickshaws and labourers… and by labourers I mean people who “walk” things- steel rails, rolls of foam, tanks of fuel, fruits…anything, to their destination.

I was told, hiring labourers to ‘walk’ goods can be the fastest way of transport and also the most inexpensive way to transport some items. I’ve seen men pushing carts on the road…carts that were sooo heavy it takes 3-4 men to move it. No one is standing up straight and pushing…everyone has their back into each and every push! The lead man is strapped to the cart like he’s bungey jumping and the others take their place at the sides and/or the back and they PUSH! There is an obvious system employed, and I’m sure the leads rotate. But it just ‘looks’ too hard to do for any long distance!

How far do they go? I don’t have a clue, but man do they work hard!


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