Cows, dogs and other stuff


I have been around a few neighbourhoods of Mumbai over the last few weeks… Spent lots of time looking at flats and such. During those times and during my few other ventures I’ve only come across 5 cows.

Now for those who have never heard, there are lots of rumors circulating around wherever …. about India and cows roaming the streets. Just google it. 😉

Let me tell you, I’ve seen more stray dogs than cows. It’s interesting cause I had all my shots before I left for India and at that time a friend (Hi Plinton!) was talking to me about rabies shots and when I inquired with the travel doc… he was said it’s not necessary as I’ll be in the city and there would be more stray dogs if I was going to rural areas. Well if there’s more stray dogs in rural India than what I’ve see so far…bwoy! (patois)  boy oh boy! (English)

Well let me tell you…..I have seen about 5 times more stray dogs roaming the streets than I have seen cows…and I’ve seen quite a few stray cats as well…I’ve forgotten how tiny and adorable kittens are. The dogs are not a bother, they don’t come up to you, they don’t bark…many are very skinny. I usually see dogs sleeping- a few sleeping alongside homeless people on the street, during my walk to and from work… that’s the reality! And you know dem dogs deh, a carry rabies! (patois)

…that’s the reality! And you know those dogs are carrying rabies (English)

The cow in the pic though…. we walked home together ;). Actually, walking home I turned a corner and there he was walking in the MIDDLE of the street, a little bit of him on each side of opposite lanes of traffic. Horns honking. It’s funny though cause honking horns are the norm… and it’s not meant to be rude, it’s how drivers communicate with each other. Apparently it’s how drivers communicate with cows walking the streets too. Drivers were honking and crossing lanes as my friend the cow just went about his business walking in the middle of the road. lol

Oh, and honking as a form of communication… it’s serious. Painted on the back of many-a-truck are the words



“TATA” (bye)

… i think I am going to become obsessed with traffic patterns/habits in Mumbai. I find it truly fascinating!

North Americans… or any other people for that matter, can learn something from Indians about road rage… it does not exist here! More on that another day.



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