My trip to the Zoo


Beautiful pic…eh! And yes, that’s inside the zoo. But the actual “zoo” part of the trip was a bit different. I was warned by the guy at the hotel that it wouldn’t be much of a “zoo” experience- with lively animals, or many animals for that matter. But I’m temporarily staying in an area in Mumbai where there really isn’t that much to do, so I decided to walk to the zoo.

Now I love scenery, lush greens, quiet spaces to walk, benches to sit and read, or serene spaces to enjoy the sunshine amidst the clouds. Well guess what? That was my trip to the zoo. I walked the paths in the zoo for about 2 hrs and enjoyed many of the above.

But remember, I was at the zoo. What about the animals, you may ask?

I will not be posting any pictures of the animals because they are definitely not the highlight in a declining environment… and by declining, I mean the ‘zoo’ has lost all its attractiveness- just like the guy at the hotel warned me.  It has more empty cages and spaces, than it does animals. I didn’t blame the not so chunky elephant who hung around his shaded space about 100ft from the fence away from the hot blazing sun. In case you are curious about what animals were there: I saw deer, an alligator, monkeys, a lion, peacocks, some exotic birds….and that might have been it.

The most interesting thing about it all was the following sign I came across while “inside” the zoo:


“Can you imagine!” (Patois). “The nerve!” (English).


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