Domino’s……you’re awesome

So I’ve been here in Mumbai for 3 weeks now and despite my sensory issues with food I am alive and well!! My sensory issues are not culture specific, they are global- where food is concerned. My thinking- pre arrival, that I would be able to embrace the food culture of India over a period of time was, tres tres premature…Being here I now realize I may not experience much success with this one and if I do it may just mirror the success I would have experienced at home with my friends getting me to try new food…slim to none! lol.

However …I will say, I’ve had two very very tiny bites of a ‘sweet treat’ in celebration of the principal’s birthday. But it was like one of those activities I do with preschoolers who don’t like trying new food… “just touch it with your finger… good. Now just put your finger on your tongue. See you did it!” lol….

Okay, so it wasn’t quite like that. lol

But if there is a word that describes a quantity that is smaller than a morsel… that’s what I had… times three!! Hey, three times, is the beginning of something between me and Indian food… It might just be a year long beginning of “somethings’, but at least it’s a beginning.

In the meantime, I am forever grateful to the person who created pizza, Raffaele Esposito, and to the Domino’s pizza right outside the steps of my hotel ! 🙂


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