technology is not reliable!

Today my computer crashed! Actually about 5 minutes ago.

Yup, that’s right.

So I’ve taken up another form of technology-my phone, to share my raw emotions on this matter.

I am in denial. I’ve rebooted my computer three times already in the effort to get to Samsung recovery. So far so good. Now I’m in safe mode. What will happen next….who knows?? I am banking on the fact that i bought a external hard drive before I left, backed up my files about a week ago and I’m sure I brought the disk with the startup software my computer came with. I have to credit that last bit to the fact that I moved right before I left for Mumbai and decided to throw the disk in my luggage.

Now the million dollar question is…will my dvd drive open…as I suspect this is the origin of the problem? Dare I try.

If not full system restore will take my computer back to 08/09/11. Oh boy! I think I will check in with the tech guy at work tomorrow before I choose this option.


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